Welcome to Passchendaele Farm Holidays

Remember those days?

Can you remember visiting a relative's farm, perhaps even with your children, and having a real family holiday? Being able to relax, enjoy the clean country air or experience rural life (as the mood takes you) ensures all the family can get something out of their holiday.

You can get that feeling again!

“Passchendaele’ is a 7,500 acre working cattle property running 1500 Hereford and Santa Gertrudius cattle.  We are third generation cattle graziers and proud of our country heritage.  Since 1998, we have been showing guests from all over the world our way of life in the ‘bush’ and you can also be part of this fantastic country experience.  Situated a comfortable 3½ hours drive from Queensland’s capital Brisbane. 


So, have a look around our website and see the accommodation and meal options that are available to you.  Perhaps you have a few questions for us.  No problems either email or telephone us.

After all, if you were to ask 9 out of 10 people what being an Australian is all about, wouldn't they tell you about the bush?